Vision for future

Our vision at ARDSI is to facilitate the creation of a dementia-friendly society. We aim to foster a community that is aware of the types of dementia and one that actively works towards supporting patients in different ways.


Our Mission

At ARDSI, our mission is to ensure that every person with dementia has access to affordable and essential healthcare services. As part of our mission, we have outlined certain goals that will help us achieve our larger objective. The goals we aim to work towards, are as follows:

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To provide affordable, essential and accessible care and support to all those who are affected by dementia.

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To build a system where all those suffering from dementia have access to quality care and support.

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To impart training to improve the quality of life of people with dementia.

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To improve public awareness regarding dementia.

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To establish counselling services and family support groups.

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To promote early diagnosis and intervention

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To bring a positive transformation in dementia care services.

Our Objectives

As an organization, we have outlined objectives that will contribute towards creating a dementia-friendly community and that will help us make a better world for people affected by dementia.

To give help, support, succor and information to families of persons affected by dementia

To initiate and encourage the formation of support groups and dementia care centres

To secure from government and non-government sources, better facilities for the care of those affected by dementia

To bring to the attention of various Government agencies, the needs of people with dementia.

To highlight the importance of having dementia recognised as a disability of the elderly so that they are placed on par with people suffering from other handicaps and resources are allocated in a more equitable manner

To encourage training of healthcare personnel in geriatric care and dementia

To educate general public about dementia through available media

To arrange and conduct training programmes for caregivers and to organize seminars, medical camps and to conduct relief work

To provide guidance in legal matters to people with dementia and their families and to intervene on their behalf whenever & wherever necessary.

To provide incentive and encouragement to other voluntary organizations and individuals engaged in research in Alzheimer’s and related disorders and in the care and management of people with dementia.

To do all such things that are incidental or conducive to the achievement of any of the above mentioned objectives